Meet the Artists and Writers from our March issue

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Melissa Lomax


Melissa Lomax (she/her) is a freelance illustrator, art teacher, and cartoonist with 20 years of experience in the creative industry. Some of her clients include American Greetings, Sellers Publishing, Great Arrow Graphics, and Highlights for Children. Her comic 'Doodle Town' posts on, the largest catalog of syndicated cartoons and comics. When she is not in the art studio, she enjoys spending time in nature, drinking really good coffee, and 'everyday adventures' with her husband. Pop by her Instagram @melissalomaxart for weekly inspiration!

Kristi Schirtzinger


Kristi Schirtzinger is an emerging author with an MFA in Creative Writing from Ashland University. She grew up in rural Ohio, where she and many family members still reside. Her work has been featured in The Black Fork Review, The International Feminism and Rhetoric Conference, and Drunk Monkeys. Her fascination with Celtic history has inspired folktale retellings, short stories, and a novel about the Boudiccan rebellion of 60 AD entitled Three Summer Moons.

Angela Patera


Angela Patera is a self-taught artist whose art has appeared in numerous publications, as well as on the cover of Selenite Press and Penumbra Online. Her art usually draws inspiration from the genres of horror and fantasy, but also from folklore and nature.

You can find her on both Twitter and Instagram as @angela_art13

Erika Pettersen


Erika Pettersen (she/her) has pursued multiple paths during her adult life: photography, curatorial work, arts administration, fundraising, and multidisciplinary research. Now, she’s finally reconnecting with her inner child by returning to creative writing, her first calling. Erika currently dabbles in poetry and is working—very slowly—on a novel. Her writing draws from personal experiences as a woman of mixed heritage from Queens, NY and related concepts of identity, belonging, and liminal space explored in the works of Latina feminist thinkers. It also brings her closer to the contours of the ineffable, along with meditating and dream interpretation.

Lynne Marie Rosenberg


Lynne Marie Rosenberg (she/her) is a performer turned advocate turned Emmy-nominated content maker turned visual artist. She is the host and creator of the interview show, "Famous Cast Words" on New York's PBS affiliate station, ALL ARTS, and the one-person-band behind the Etsy store, Hungry Bodhisattva. Lynne works predominantly in graphite and ink with additional forays into charcoal, watercolor, and stop-motion animation., IG: @LynneMarieRosenberg

Carly Lewis


Carly Lewis (she/her) is a written and visual storyteller residing in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. A graduate of Hollins University's creative writing and film programs, she tries to find a meeting place in the middle of those two subjects, creating a tangible atmosphere that is whimsical or otherworldly in her pieces. She has a taste for artists who break the rules, and has written about them in Spindle Magazine, LARB's Publishing Workshop journal, PubLab, and as a contributor for Write or Die Magazine. Currently she works with Ayin Press as their Publicity and Production Manager. Connect with her on Instagram and Twitter at @carlyisclary.

Smrutirekha Dalai


Smruti, the manifestation of memory (as is the meaning of name) is a human diary whose memory fades slower than the rest. She, hence, stays plagued by nostalgia that sometimes pulls her deeper into grief. On happy days however, she greets the sun with greater light.

Robin Brownfield


Robin Brownfield (she/her) is a former sociology professor in Collingswood, New Jersey who turned to mosaic art after becoming disabled. She was featured in a FOX-29 (Philadelphia) News report, because after sharing a series of award-winning “Black Lives Matter” mosaic portraits online, she was commissioned by Tamika Palmer to do a mosaic portrait of her daughter, Breonna Taylor, whose death, in part, launched a rebirth of the Black Lives Matter movement. That portrait can be seen in the documentary “Bree Way: Promise Witness Remembrance.” Her award-winning artwork has been in galleries in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York City, Las Vegas, Norfolk, Virginia, Texas, Illinois, and San Francisco. She recently finished supervising a community mosaic mural project entitled “Childhood Memories,” which she designed at Thomas Sharp Elementary School in Collingswood, NJ. Above the mural honoring her is a plaque making her one of those old dead people (in the future) who nobody ever heard of, but whose name is on a plaque. Visit her website,, to see more of her work.

Lauren Kimball

Artist and Writer

Lauren Kimball (she/her) lives in Philadelphia. She teaches literature and composition at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. In her spare time, she plays with paint, digital pens, words, and home improvement tools.

You can find her comics on Instagram @turtle_n_hare_comic.

Sean Lynch


Sean Lynch is a writer and editor who lives in South Philly. His poems have been published most recently in Hoot Review, Mad Poets Society, and Apiary Magazine. He's been the editor of Whirlwind Magazine, Moonstone Press, Serotonin Poetry Journal, and the Nick Virgilio Writers House. 

Galen Passen


Galen Passen (he/him) is a Brooklyn-based visual artist, multimedia artist, and professional musician. His work centers around the use of the audio-visual format in order to weave intimate narratives that help reconnect us with our inherent humanity, curiosity, and connection to community. His visual work is regularly commissioned for book covers, album covers, and personal collections. He received his Bachelor's degree from Goddard College, whose emphasis on social ethics and critical thinking helped him to integrate his diverse life experiences and creative outlets into a multidisciplinary, multicultural artistic methodology. He is also a performer within the realms of Hindustani classical music, experimental composition, contemporary dance, and movement theater. He has had the privilege of performing at such prestigious sites as the legendary folk venue Caffe Lena, The Center for Remembering and Sharing (CRS), Chhandayan Center for Indian Music, and Pioneer Works, amongst others. He has worked with author Jayita Sarkar, Brooklyn Raga Massive, The Pittsburgh Opera, The Silk Road Project’s GMW, and Korean Piri master, Gamin Kang. 

Megan Jauregui Eccles


Megan Jauregui Eccles writes dark, speculative fiction for young adults, and is represented by Lauren Galit of LKG Agency.  Her writing has appeared in Kelp Journal, Coachella Review, Ladies of the Fright, The Lineup, and Dwarf+Giant. She teaches creative writing at John Paul the Great Catholic University and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of California Riverside—Palm Desert. Find her on instagram and tiktok.