Meet the Artists and Writers from our September issue

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Pat Lipperini


Pat Lipperini (she/her) lives in Collingswood, NJ and works as Director of Religious Education at a local parish. She earned her PhD in religious education from Fordham University and has had articles published in the Journal of Religious Education and Review for Religious. Her favorite hours of the day are spent with her husband, her daughters, and her grandchildren.

Melissa Lomax


Melissa Lomax (she/her) is a freelance illustrator, art teacher, and cartoonist, with 20 years of experience in the creative industry. Some of her clients include American Greetings, Barnes & Noble, Sellers Publishing, and Highlights for Children. Her comic 'Doodle Town' posts on, the largest catalog of syndicated cartoons and comics. When she is not in the art studio, she enjoys spending time in nature, drinking really good coffee, and having 'everyday adventures' with her husband. Pop by her Instagram @melissalomaxart for weekly inspiration!

Myra Chappius

Writer and Copyeditor

Myra Chappius (she/her) is the author of six works of fiction and poetry. While her passion lies with shorter creations, it is her aspiration to complete a full-length novel and screenplay someday. She enjoys reading, music, travel, and learning. When not doing mom things, she is working full-time, seeing the latest movie, or waiting an acceptable length of time before returning to Universal Orlando to satiate her Harry Potter obsession.

You can follow Myra on Instagram at @inwordform. Her work can be purchased on Amazon or at

Robin Brownfield


Robin Brownfield (she/her) is a former sociology professor in Collingswood, New Jersey who turned to mosaic art after becoming disabled. She was featured in a FOX-29 (Philadelphia) News report, because after sharing a series of award-winning “Black Lives Matter” mosaic portraits online, she was commissioned by Tamika Palmer to do a mosaic portrait of her daughter, Breonna Taylor, whose death, in part, launched a rebirth of the Black Lives Matter movement. That portrait can be seen in the documentary “Bree Way: Promise Witness Remembrance.” Her award-winning artwork has been in galleries in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York City, Las Vegas, Norfolk, Virginia, Texas, Illinois, and San Francisco. She recently finished supervising a community mosaic mural project entitled “Childhood Memories,” which she designed at Thomas Sharp Elementary School in Collingswood, NJ. Above the mural honoring her is a plaque making her one of those old dead people (in the future) who nobody ever heard of, but whose name is on a plaque. Visit her website,, to see more of her work.

Colleen T. Reese


Colleen T. Reese is a lifelong reader and writer. She currently lives in Philadelphia where she works as a content strategist.

Lauren Kimball


Lauren Kimball (she/her) lives in Philadelphia. She teaches literature and composition at Rutgers University - New Brunswick. In her spare time, she plays with paint, digital pens, words, and home improvement tools.

You can find her comics on Instagram @turtle_n_hare_comic.

Douglas Hardman


Douglas (he/him/they) is a veterinary technician by day and a brooding lyricist/poet by night. He has a background in theater and journalism, with a few original productions under his belt and a national award in collegiate journalism for editing and writing. Philadelphia has been home since August 2019, and he has loved pursuing different mediums, forever being inspired by the beauty of the city. Check out their Instagram @the_hideaway16 for snippets of unpublished poetry and song lyrics. His personal Instagram is @caliboynewyorkmind.

Marina Scheinberg


Marina (she/her) is a registered nurse who resides in South Jersey. She has always had an interest in art, and began taking lessons at a young age at My Studio in Haddon Township, NJ. Marina enjoys drawing and painting in her spare time, and also does commission artwork. Marina gets most of her inspiration from hiking, traveling, and movies.

Aimee Nicole


Aimee Nicole (she/her/hers) is a chronically ill/disabled, queer poet currently residing in Rhode Island. She holds a BFA in Creative Writing from Roger Williams University and has been published by various lit mags. She has two poetry collections: Daily Worship (Laughing Ronin Press) and Panoramic (Curious Corvid Publishing). Feel free to follow her on Instagram @aimeenicole525 for awkward selfies and pictures of her cat.

Phedra Deonarine


Phedra (she/her) likes gardens and public libraries. She writes fiction.

Hayley Boyle

Poet and Arts Editor

Hayley (she/her) creates the cover image for each issue of Wild Greens magazine and serves as the Arts Editor. Hayley is a social justice seeker, world traveler, rock climber, dog snuggler, frisbee player, event planner, and storyteller. She loves to paint with watercolors, embroider, and write. She grew up reading sci-fi and fantasy, and to this day she still turns to those genres to help her make sense of the world. She calls Philadelphia home and wouldn't have it any other way. You can find Hayley on Instagram @hayley3390 or @haypaints. She accepts commissions, and you can find examples of her work on her website.

Gratia Serpento


Gratia Serpento (she/her) is an Oregonian poet/journalist. She's had works published with Poor Yorick, Wingless Dreamer, Pile Press, The Graveyard Zine, Crystal Crush Magazine, Sheepshead Review, and The Scriblerus, among others. Check out her Instagram @poet_serpento for news/updates, previous/upcoming publications, and whatever else she decides to post.