Erasure is the Soil of Violence

Erasure Is The Soil Of Violence

by Lynne Marie Rosenberg

Printed paper, casting notices

Methods: Stop motion animation shot with manipulation of real, offensive casting notices from the entertainment industry

Inspiration: This is the latest in a series of language-based animations I have made, using real character descriptions from the world of casting to illustrate the entertainment industry's role in oppression, violence, and discrimination. Inspired by the recent hate crimes toward Asian-Americans in the United States, this piece highlights the exclusion and erasure of Asian actors/characters from film, television, and theater, and how that creates fertile ground for brutality.

Following the mass shooting in Atlanta, Lynne made a follow-up video on the sexualization of Asian women in casting calls. You can click the link below to take you to the video. It's part of a series called "Taking Out the Trash." 


Featured in our April 2021 issue, "Word/Play"