Embroidered Floral Shirt

Embroidered Floral Shirt

by Hayley Boyle

Embroidery floss and reclaimed cotton shirt

Inspiration: The week before everything shut down in Philadelphia due to COVID-19, I happened to purchase a hoop, some embroidery floss, and a few old shirts from a local thrift store. I've always loved embroidered clothing, and it turns out it was a great way to stay focused and keep my hands busy throughout quarantine. I spent more hours than I care to admit on this shirt, but it's officially one of my favorite pieces of clothing now--and I love being able to tell folks that I created the design and embroidered it myself. The entire process was therapeutic, and I am so glad to have found this new way to create something beautiful, useful, and that repurposes thrifted clothing.

process photos


Featured in our November 2020 issue, "Creation During Covid (Part 1)"