Nostalgia (or Zen and the Art of Time Travel)

Nostalgia (or Zen and the Art of Time Travel)

by Dave Brey

There was a time when…

we were born

we were young

all we did was enjoy ourselves

all that mattered was the joy we felt around us

we were at one with the world

the world was at one with us

the most interesting thing in life was the moment we breathed and noticed

the least of our worries was worrying

all that was good was just good

the world did not revolve around us

the morning dew was wet and new

the Shamrock Shake had the greatest taste

our slippers were the only thing we put on out of bed all day

our dreams were greater than our worries

our thoughts were more often than not on others

we did not think twice about holding hands

our minds were not made up

thoughts did not control our lives

time flew by

we felt creative

we let ourselves shine

we pursued our passion

life was a joy to be lived

memories were not forgotten

we all shared something with someone somewhere

our greatest goals seemed achievable

we owed no one anything

we owed everyone everything

we burned with energy

we slept like babies

we learned to read

we learned to write

we did not think anything of learning something new

we were not afraid

we were not sick

we did not get tired

we burned brighter than the sun

we lived life on our own terms

we spent as much time outside as possible

we watched the sun go down

we watched the sun come up

we learned how to share

we did not know what a fake smile was

we went with the flow

We cannot go back in time, but we can repeat the past. Harvest your memories. Share yourself. Shine your light. By embracing yesterday, make tomorrow brighter than today.


Featured in our September 2021 issue, "Nostalgia"