A map to your mind

A map to your mind

by Annapurani Vaidyanathan

Some days – without knowing it – make a home inside your head. Then build walls, and floors and tiny rooms in your mind to store the memories that you will grow to look back and love, or perhaps dread.

Like how you sneaked out for a cup of coffee on that rainy October evening in 2016 and ended up walking into a theatre alone to watch a movie instead. Or how, for the most part of your senior year, you starved yourself all day long so you wouldn’t be hungry if you were forced to go without food in the future. Or how, on your 18th birthday, you set off on a road trip with strangers just so you could prove to the world that you are always open to adventure. Or how, after one man threw you under the bus, you vowed to never again get carried away by love. Or how, when you realized that, the person you’d sacrificed all the little joys for, didn’t care to believe in the future you saw, you woke up the next morning and decided that everything then on would first be about you, and about now.

Today, when somebody tries to rip you apart, or when they sweet-talk their way into your heart, you know it's not just déjà vu; it is your brain reminding you that these are escapades you’ve already been through.


Featured in our June 2021 issue, "Creation During Covid, pt. 3"