by Rebecca Samuelson

Deactivate my fb when I diedo not send out birthday wishesor overdue DMs from beyondOne time I got a messagehappy birthday in caps frommy grandpa five months afterhis funeral because someonestill had his password andthought this would be sweet.I cried for a week.
Let my birthdate reside inmemory with tribute to myphoto on the living room wallMy mom says peoplepass away around importantdates so you don’t forget them.How come no one in our familyhas died around Arbor Day?
Erase the comments lefton shared posts no threadsto obsess over independentlyI have multiple email accountswith multiple folders that leadall the way back to my Xanga.Reminiscing over old blog poststakes up a lot of time.

If I should go before you,leave the tags for my headstone & flowers for me to marvel at


Featured in our October 2021 issue, "Ritual"