Sacred Trance Dance

Sacred Trance Dance

by Lisa Molina

In the trance-like daze of the

darkened dreamlike domed arena,

the players swagger

onto the stage

into the

spotlight, smiling, and

the crazed communal crying crowd

swoons and screams in ecstasy

while hearts of primal drums





and guitars of wood and

metal strings awaken to life

by the long nimble fingers





And we are stunned.

Surrendering to the swaying

sea of sound surrounding us,

seeping into our marrow until

the surreality of this moment

Holds us.

Heals us.

Strangers, we sing together

as luminous lanterns shine

like The Liturgy of the Light

in the darkness of the night.

We roar, as a wave crashing

towards the shore, fingers reaching

for the glowing edges of

that magic shining orb so that

we may be baptized in the Light

and blessed by the humming

vibrations of the sacred

soul-searching songs of

Love and Loss,

Desperation and Satisfaction,

Betrayal and Redemption.

All songs sung since the

beginning of time.

We dance

in this trance

as one.

Our souls in unison.


Featured in our October 2021 issue, "Ritual"