the root of pure love

the root of pure love

by Douglas Hardman

splish splash crash

what would you do if you woke up outside covered in dew?

not really knowing the truth

what transpired here?

little did i know

watering my roots

would bring about growth

real growth

am i really changing for the better?

brush my petals gently

creeping through the meadow of wanton promises

i glided effortlessly into new territory

stemming from my trepidations

emergence and resurgence

the sunlight finally felt like home

i didn’t dare wash the mud off my hands

it held the key to my true destiny

chanting incantations of self-love and SSRI’s

i levitated into a new realm

welcomed with open arms that were just mine

this time, self-isolation was helpful

After three days, the world saw me again

Refreshed and exhausted

An eternal rest to awaken the spores

However, I still kept to myself

Unsure how long this could last

Because even if it does

This is for me

A freshly shaved bulb

A spunky new outlook

My green thumb finally put to good use

Sowing the seeds of positivity

Could you even believe

This is me?

20+ years of sunless pollination

I look in the mirror

And try to believe

From now on

I am going to truly see


Featured in our May 2022 issue, "Bloom"