by Smrutirekha Dalai

Hey you,


That afternoon when I looked

at you, it dawned upon me that

sometimes the sun might

not be the cause of me

sweating buckets in boiling



And that, although everyone

smiles between warm and

dazzling, yours feels like

Christmas; Ribbons twisting

and jingle bells popping out

in the middle of the street

as you cross it


Ask me how lovelorn a girl

can be, I'll invite you to come

to my dreams and see


Last night at 3, a 6 year old

me sat gawking at you

as you cuddled my Garfield

bear that now lies torn and

neglected in some corner of

my store. They say your lover

partakes in your future, but

boy! You are partaking in my

past as well!


That I'd want to eat and play

and dance and sing and argue

and tease and study with you

is all I wish for looking at

shooting stars


Love, you are my road not



And my bags are already packed


Featured in our February 2022 issue, "Escape"