Dinner for Two

Dinner for Two

by Myra Chappius

Hunger takes over

It is barely mid-afternoon, yet the craving has hit

Felt deep in the belly, down low

A fluttery, rumbling familiarity

The anticipation of satisfaction is almost as fulfilling as satiation

Lost in daydream – of skin prickling under the lightest touch

A graze of teeth, a rush of breath

Strands of hair tangled in a watch, trailing down the pointed peaks of spine

Sensations growing as the hours tick by

With eyes shut tight, a recalling of taste

Briny – the flavor of warmth

Memory tied to instant salivation, wanting

A recognizable flush

A building desire

The meal – inedible, yet filling

Prepared on a slow, rolling simmer, served at the witching hour, with one carefully selected, longstanding guest

Complete – with a sweet finish


Featured in our April 2022 issue, "Snack Time"