Anywhere but Here

Anywhere but Here

by I. Armwood

fingers tightly squeezed together

desperate to hold the moon-reflecting water

the place of escape and astronomical beauty

perhaps if my fingers fused together i could use the water as a portal to the stars

they say when you’re at the bottom there’s nowhere to go but up

but what about when you’re at the tippy-top

is there only down

down here i’m always walking on egg shells

but up there it feels like my wings will never let me touch the surface

i become a celestial being

free from disappointed eyes



i can only hope Saturn will share her ring with me

or Mars will melt his polar ice caps to make room for me

from here i can take comfort in Venus’ short visibility on Earth

i can squeeze my fingers a little tighter to make home for the moon’s reflection


Featured in our August 2021 issue, "Celestial"