Lavender Fields Forever

Lavender Fields Forever

by Sam Ken

Oil paint on 14x18 stretched canvas

Methods: Alla prima

Inspiration: Since early 2020, friends and family have commissioned me to paint their pets. In December of 2020, I set up an Etsy store and have been trying to grow my art and business more formally. Pet portraits have become my specialty and this painting is a recent commission. I've always been passionate about painting, and I have found that I particularly love painting dogs. It's always important to find the right pose, the right colors, and the right technique to be able to effectively capture an important member of someone's family. I’m not afraid to say that my passion to create something beautiful, something that I am proud of, has become an obsession. 

That creative obsession is a sanctuary for inspiration and imagination, but it has also become a haven for doubt. I think as a relatively new artist, I am susceptible to a heavy reliance on praise and affirmation. Social media helps to connect me to people and help me grow my business, but it can have negative consequences too. That's why it's so important to ensure my passion stays positivethat I stay positive and not allow my doubts to corrupt my passion. I need to remember to enjoy the little things and not obsess over trivial things. 

The person who commissioned this painting absolutely loves it, and that is all that matters in the end. I was able to share his devotion to his dog by investing my time in this creative process. I want "Lavender Fields Forever" to convey both longing and peace through the juxtaposition of elements but most of all, hope and happiness in the little things.


Featured in our February 2021 issue, "Obsession"