La Fille Sans Soucis (The Girl Without Worry)

La Fille Sans Soucis (The Girl Without Worry)

by Sam Ken

Oil on 11x14 Canvas 

Methods: Impressionism

Inspiration: I started on this painting immediately after the theme of the March issue was announced. I loved the theme and wanted to create something unique for it. When I heard the word "audacity," I immediately thought of dancing. I am not much of a dancer, but my wife loves it. I was always in awe at her boldness and carefree attitude when it came to dancing. She has so much fun, whereas I can feel awkward at times because of my lack of rhythm. I depicted various levels of audaciousness in this painting. The style is loose and free flowing to reflect the movement of the scene. The nondescript faces capture movement as well while also allowing the viewer to put themselves into the painting. We all can be bold in our own way, but only the individual knows and can measure how bold they are. In the end, this dance scene isn't really about dancing at all. It is about being bold and taking risks which applies to many facets of life.


Featured in our March 2021 issue, "Audacity"