Bloodline Blues

Bloodline Blues - 006.mp3

Bloodline Blues

by Them Jones


Verse 1Sweet Emma Roseshe done raised us alonemy father Philin the Great War he was killedNow Mama too's in the groundwhere daddy's blood was spilled
Verse 2My uncle Jameshe had a heart of goldHe ran a businessmade a million, I'm toldIt was the crash that did him inthe pavement that made him fold
Verse 3My brother Jackhe had a heart attackMy sister SueWent and did the same thing tooThey were just crooked saintsNot straight sinning foolsOh keep my bloodline going

Inspiration: The song is about the familial losses from key events in the twentieth century, such as World War One and the stock market crash. Told from the perspective of a man who is the last of his kin. 

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Featured in our July 2021 issue, "Heritage"