Bloodline Blues

Bloodline Blues - 006.mp3

Bloodline Blues

by Them Jones

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Verse 1

Sweet Emma Rose

she done raised us alone

my father Phil

in the Great War he was killed

Now Mama too's in the ground

where daddy's blood was spilled

Verse 2

My uncle James

he had a heart of gold

He ran a business

made a million, I'm told

It was the crash that did him in

the pavement that made him fold

Verse 3

My brother Jack

he had a heart attack

My sister Sue

Went and did the same thing too

They were just crooked saints

Not straight sinning fools

Oh keep my bloodline going

Inspiration: The song is about the familial losses from key events in the twentieth century, such as World War One and the stock market crash. Told from the perspective of a man who is the last of his kin.


Featured in our July 2021 issue, "Heritage"