Birthday Party

Birthday Party

by Robin Brownfield

tiles, glue, grout

Inspiration: This fits under "Second Chances" for a few reasons. First, I had submitted and withdrawn this one before because I lacked confidence in my work, so I am looking for a second chance to show it. Second, this was my second choice for submission because, due to a still disabled post-surgery right hand, I can't complete the one I really wanted to do. Third, this is a portrait of my daughter on her 3rd birthday. We sang "Happy Birthday" and she watched excitedly waiting to blow out the candles, when her six-year-old brother blew them out! After several minutes of consoling a devastated little girl, we re-lit the candles, sang again, and caught this image of her blowing out her candles on her second chance.


Featured in our February 2023 issue, "Second Chance"