by Irina Novikova

Wax crayons, paper

Inspiration: For me, mediocrity is a kind of lull, like a backwater. Where the flow of water has stopped, the backwater will then be cleaned. Mud and algae will be taken out, but now, when the time comes for peace and quiet real estate, then when you want to stop and look at the greenery of grass or forests, it's like an eternal meadow filled with flowers. For some reason, I remember one name, Charcoal Feather Federation, a Japanese animated film (there were about 25 episodes), where the action takes place in some almost perfect world. There is a forge, there is also a shop where buns and bread are baked, and people live there after death and have gray wings behind their backs. There is silence and no evil. Another comparison that comes to mind is the name of Violet Evergarden, a girl who fought in the war and then began to write wonderful, feeling-filled letters. Probably mediocrity, but for me it's peace.


Featured in our August 2022 issue, "Mediocrity"