by Kendall Kikumi Raye Moore

Pencil, colored pencil, paint, paper, cardboard on canvas

Inspiration:  This is the first of a three-part self-portrait series I’m calling the Maximalist Maxims, which will include a self-portrait inspired by each of the three wise monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil). Multimedia crafting is intrinsic to my maximalist maxim of art, which is simply do more. For me, this usually entails adding more and more materials, color, stickers, and especially glitter until the piece feels like me. Furthermore, adhering to an artistically maximalist creed, I am usually not satisfied in one medium. I easily tire of a singular medium, so switching between graphite, colored pencils, upcycled paper products, and other 3D materials allows me to stay excited about the piece I’m working on. 


Featured in our May 2023 issue, "Craft Fair"