by Sally Smith


Inspiration: My Background: I am a 74-year-old woman in Oregon. Before COVID I led an active life revolving around my grandchildren and music. I taught mountain dulcimer at a music store in Portland, belonged to two dulcimer groups  (mostly former students and present friends!), and was an active Hospice volunteer (for 17 years) playing music and singing for patients.

Now, 16 months later, my life has changed. Over the past year I have had continued arthritis problems, aside from two knee and one hip replacement, I now have problems with my hands, preventing me from playing music any longer.  I resigned from Hospice (it was time), and infrequently keep in touch with my music friends. 

SO - I turned to art. I took online lessons and did some art with no instruction. I'm sending you some of the acrylics I've done since COVID began... Maybe one of these will interest you. 


Featured in our June 2021 issue, "Creation During Covid, pt. 3"