"Alice Flowers" and "Floral Revolution I"

"Alice Flowers" and "Floral Revolution I"

by Sarah Capps

Alice Flowers
Floral Revolution I

Alice Flowers: acrylic, colored pencil, ink on paper
Floral Revolution I: acrylic on canvas

Inspiration: COVID has helped us to slow down and appreciate both the details of life and the depths of our imaginations. Drawing from nostalgia and imagination, I've created the series, Floral Revolution to evoke whimsy, wonder, and joy amidst the dark days of the pandemic. Many of us have also felt lost in 2020; much like Alice from the popular story, Alice in Wonderland. COVID has been its own wonderland of sorts and I've created this series to help myself and my followers navigate it. 


Featured in our December 2020 issue, "Creation During Covid (Part 2)"